regarder transformer the last knight

The World Is Threatened In The Last Knight Transformer

regarder transformer the last knightIn the series regarder transformer the last knight complet now and also the previous transformer, there illustrates that prime and his colleagues work hard to protect the Earth from various threats and disturbance of the enemies of the enemy is the Megatron and his followers. Not only the Megatron alone are Optimus Prime enemies, but there are also other robots that want to destroy the earth. They want to take control of the earth where people live and want to create their own robotic world. Really interesting is not this story? Therefore, the prime optimist and his loyal followers, they strive to always keep the earth in order for humans to gain security. But in this series, it is said that Optimus is also looking for its creator into space. The more curious is not it?

The World Is Crushed, Optimus Prime Beat Bumblebee In Transformer The Last Knight

It is very surprising when we find a statement that Optimus Prime is now hostile to the bumblebee who is his loyal followers in Autobot. Then why it happens, the answer will be found after you see the movie straight on 23 June. But an introduction illustrates that in the series regarder transformer the last knight complet is the world suffered destruction. Because at that time Prime Optimus also was venturing into space to find who the creator, but after finding it just the Prime Optimus world destroyed. Various ways have been done Optimus Prime to save his world but it fails.

However, when Optimus Prime beat up the bumblebee it raises a lot of question marks as to why the occurrence can occur. In regarder transformer the last knight complet, when Optimus Prime beat bumblebee he said “forgive me”, it can be analyzed that prima Optimus could do this because of compulsion or insistence. But it is not certain because the original film has not been completely running. To eliminate this curious, you do not miss to watch the serial transformer 5 titled the last knight

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