Xfinity Login

Using Private Network And Xfinity Wi-Fi

Xfinity Login

Xfinity becomes one of the best solutions to browse in public place. It is already introduced in 2010 as the public network in the US. It is only by using the account of Xfinity Login, then you can browse everything that you want in public place without worrying any additional payment. Along with other benefits, this Xfinity Wi-Fi becomes more popular. It is not only offering internet connection, but it is also offering TV connection which provides best programs. However, can I still use both of my private network at home and Xfinity Wi-Fi at public? Of course, you can do it by setting up some features.

Configure Private Network And Xfinity Wi-Fi

If you have already set a private home network, so you may still need internet network while going outside. So, Xfinity Wi-Fi still gives you the best solution. You can use both of them. You can use your private network while at home, but still, be covered by Xfinity Wi-Fi while you are in public place. There are some steps required. First, you have to connect to Xfinity Wi-Fi. Choose “Xfinity” from your available network. Then, get Xfinity Login to configure your account. Use your username or email address for Xfinity along with your password.

Second, you can also connect to your private home network. Make sure you are connected well. Third, you can click Wi-Fi icon from your desktop to choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”. Then, you will find “Manage Wireless Network”. You can click your private network by clicking “Move Up” button. Your private network must be the first place then the Xfinity Wi-Fi follows after. For the last, just close the window then you the configuration needed is done. If there is still any problem, you can also visit to get more help.

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