how to use tinder without facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook? Check The Explanation Below

how to use tinder without facebookDo you use Tinder application? This dating application may have been so popular among those who look for a soulmate. Then one thing which must be known here is people should log in to the app using the Facebook account. That is why the question of how to use tinder without Facebook has commonly found. Of course, if you log in with your Facebook account many people are able to see your Tinder activities. That is why now they need the best solutions to solve this problem. Then for those who need it, you can check the explanation in the passages below.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook? Just Check The Explanation Below

The question of how to use tinder without Facebook actually has several best answers. You can choose which answer that is the best one for your here so there is no need to worry anymore. Then what is the solution of the question before? To begin with, the important thing which you should know is changing the setting of Tinder visibility in your Facebook account. By doing it of course now you can find that all activities in Tinder become private. It means that it’s only you who are able to see what you have done in this popular dating app.

Moreover, if you are lazy to change the setting of Tinder actually there is another best way you can do too. That is, you should create a new account on Facebook with a different identity. Indeed, it can be such a good solution since people cannot know that it’s you who use Tinder activity. For this matter, indeed you should activate the account in order to associate it with your Tinder application. From those solution having been mentioned before, thus which idea that you can apply? Before you decide to answer the question of how to use tinder without Facebook, it’s nice to read them well first.

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