Android Nougat

Unique Customization in Android Nougat

Android NougatAndroid nougat has been a year since it was released, and it is now a well-developed Android operating system version that you can rely on. With extra security system and also flexibility, nougat is absolutely android version gives the best experience in using a smartphone. There is some cool customization that you can have which is the real characteristic of the Nougat. First of all, you can have notification editing. Notification in nougat can be customized depending on your need by pressing the gear icon. It works on various location such as lock screen and main screen. Therefore, you can customize the notification in a very simple step.

Android Nougat with Unique Customization

Another interesting feature that you should consider when it comes to Android Nougat is better controlled for display size. There are some cases when you need bigger fonts, bigger icons, and bigger user interface. You can get such experience in Nougat by adjusting it in a display setting. To edit the setting, you should go to display a menu from setting, and you need to choose the display size. There are 5 different settings that you can choose, and it will make your screen look more comfortable to see. Moreover, you also need to consider that this system is not perfect especially if you have a phone with lower DPI. Be sure to know how to reset the setting when things go wrong before applying this feature.

The last thing that you can get from the Nougat is Easter egg. Easter egg is basically an exclusively hidden feature that developer makes for having fun. It is really entertaining to see some unique Easter eggs in android nougat, and you can access it through setting menu. Once you are in the setting, you should go to about and tap android version repeatedly. After that, long tap the logo, and swipe down from the top. Choose edit and you will find your surprise in android nougat.

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