custom sticker

Understanding The Types Or Print Sticker

custom stickerStickers have been popular from many years ago as a brand, signage and even as a temporarily tattoo. There are so many people who love having the stickers. Besides, choosing stickers is not something easy. The print sticker has many kinds of types, which can be chosen based on what you need and what purpose you have. Nowadays, the stickers are printed in better material quality. Besides, the printer which is used is also more sophisticated which can print the details on the materials, making it more attractive to see. Besides of the different quality of the materials, you will also find some types of sticker that can be found in the everyday encounter.

Types And Function Of Different Print Sticker

The first sticker that you usually see is the simple, common sticker. The sticker is made from the glossy material. Some printing made it in a paper in A3 size or bigger based on the demand. In a piece of A3 paper, you can print as much as sticker you want, just as the size of the stickers you design. After the common sticker, you will also find the die-cut stickers. This kind of print sticker is something new and simple. You will have the sticker which shape is not just round or rectangular. It follows the image of the sticker itself. Which makes it simply unique.

Then, there is this unique yet modern sticker, which is the transparent sticker. The sticker is so unique since it has transparent material on it. Thus, you will have a simplicity in its design. The transparent stickers can be used for many purposes, from the branding purpose to the decorative use. If you want something different, you can even choose the sticker which can be used as temporarily tattoo. You will have the sticker attached to your skin. Let sit for a few minutes and get the plastic off. The ink will be seen on your skin. So, now you have known the differences and functions of every unique print sticker.

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