Understanding Of Rayon Fabrics

Rayon is a fabric made from natural cellulose material, usually, the fabrics are derived from wood pulp or organic polymers. Because the rayon fabric is made from natural processed products, it is often referred to as semi-synthetic fibers. Because it cannot be classed as synthetic fiber or natural fiber actually. Then how to treat rayon cloth?

Washing Stage

Clothing that uses rayon material should be washed by hand. Because if using a washing machine is feared will damage it. Rayon is very easy to shrink or shrink or even stretch. Recommended washing with warm water. Soak for about 20 minutes, not too long. For best results, you should not squeeze or twist the fabric and even brush it because it can change shape. Press and squeeze gently so that the fabric is not damaged. Avoid using bleach directly on stained clothes. Because the rayon fiber is very weak by the use of bleach. Dilute first in accordance with the instructions for use to be safer to use. However, it is important to limit the use of bleach is too often because it can cause the fabric easily torn.

The Drying Stage

Clothing with rayon material should not be dried under the sun directly. You can hang clothes upside down. Try not to hang clothes. This can cause the shirt is not strong to hold the water load while still wet, so that later on the clothes will be stretched.

Ironing Stage

In the ironing process should use a medium temperature or not too hot. Because if too hot, can cause the color of the rayon fabric turns yellowish. You can also try ironing with the state of the clothes upside down, for example, the inside is out. If you want to iron the front of the clothes, it’s good first coated with a cloth on it.

Storage Phase

We recommend that clothes be stored in a folded way, and do not use a hanger to keep clothes. Put clothes in the middle position, so keep the clothes to stay slippery. Visit for more info.

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