Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet

Tricks To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet

Cleaning Cast Iron SkilletIt is no secret that we are supposed to clean a cast iron skillet once we have finished using it. Nevertheless, sometimes it becomes a very hard activity to do as we think about the stubborn dirt which is left on the skillet even though we have tried our best to rinse it. It may get worse when we do not know the best strategies to do and do wrong method to cleanse the skillet. So, to help you deal with this problem, here are some tricks that you can follow.

Must-Known Tricks To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet

The first trick is to use hot or warm water to wash the cast iron skillet. Using hot or warm water is known to be an effective way of cleaning cast iron skillet completely. So, instead of using cold water, you should change into the warm or hot water as you clean a cast iron skillet. The second trick is to avoid using steel wool on cleaning the skillet. Steel wool has the ability to get rid of the protective coating on your skillet, so you should not utilize this stuff to rinse your skillet. Instead, you can just use stiff brush or sponge to wash it.

The next trick is to use salt when there is food residue which is hard to be removed. At this state, you can simply spread out the salt over the cast iron skillet then pour some water on it. After that, heat the pan to make the food residue removed by its own self. Another trick to try is to dry out the pan. It is included in the maintenance process of cleaning the skillet, so it is an important thing to do. The last trick to clean a cast iron skillet is to apply corn oil or vegetable oil on the skillet.

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