Top Remedies for Hair Loss Problem

One of the signs that your hair and scalp is healthy is when your hair is still dense. It is not impossible that we lose some strands of hair every day because it is normal for us to lose about 50 to 100 in a day. However, when we lose more than these numbers, it is very crucial for us to take an action so that it cannot get worse. Here are a few home remedies that you can use to deal with this problem.

Hair Oil Massage

First of all, you can consider massaging your scalp by using suitable hair oil to decrease hair loss. By doing a proper scalp and hair massage, your blood flow will be increased to your hair follicles. Moreover, it will help to improve your hair roots’ strength as well. More importantly, you will get relax which means a good promotion to get rid stress. Some potential options for the natural hair oils include olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, amla oil and castor oil.

Indian Gooseberry

Then, there is also Indian gooseberry which you can take into account when you want to deal with hair loss. It offers a high amount of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory property and also antioxidant which is helpful to keep your hair and scalp healthy. You can simply mix pulp of Indian gooseberry with lemon juice. Then, use it to massage your hair and scalp. Once you finish, use a shower cap to cover your hair and leave it overnight to be shampooed in the morning.

Onion Juice

The last but not least, you can also consider using onion juice to deal with your hair loss problem. It is a good choice because it contains high sulfur. It means that you will get your blood circulation improved to your hair follicles. It has the ability to cure scalp infection which causes hair loss as well.

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