best belt sander

The Three Best Belt Sander 2017

best belt sanderHitachi SB8V2 is one of the best belt sander 2017. Why? Because this belt sander offers you with good stuff. Just check it out. Besides, it has a very high-quality standard. This belt sander also comes with 9 AMP power motor that very powerful. But, when you hear the powerful word, it doesn’t mean this item will be heavy, because of this only 9.5 pounds. The lightest belt sander that you can find. Hitachi also installs the adjustable speed between 820 to 1.475 speeds per minute. What makes this item become the best from the others is this item will bring you a 5-year warranty.

The Trio Of The Best Belt Sander 2017

The next one we have WEN 6321. You must be really familiar with this one. Especially if you already on this kind of field for years now. One of the lightest belt sander on market. Only about 6.8 pounds. However, being small it does not mean this WEN 6321 weaker than any of them. But, this little guy over here will give you 7 AMP motor. Has a very cheap price and still have very good performance. So, for you who is looking for best belt sander 2017 with a good deal. This one can be considered as the best of them, and also this item comes out with 2 years’ warranty.

The last one is Porter-Cable 352VS comes with 8 AMP motor and also light weight, make this belt sander perfectly good and easy to carry and handle. It’s also great for both professional and also an amateur. You can operate this belt sander with the adjustable speed with the range between 850-1.300 per minutes. As the best belt sander 2017 comes with 1-year warranty and also come along with the mounted dust bag. So, you can use this tool wherever you want.

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