Things You Have To Know From A- Type

Groupe sanguin A is divided into two different blood types, which are A Negative and A Positive. The blood group becomes divided into positive and negative because of the other additional factor, which is Rh factor. Rh factor makes the classification of + and – in each blood type. The existence of Rh factor in A, makes the blood type becomes A+. Meanwhile, A- or A Negative is for those people with A that do not have the Rh factor in their blood. Actually, you might already know some facts of A Negative. However, to help you remember those facts, you can read the following information to refresh your knowledge.

A Negative Type And Its Distinctive Facts

Some of you might really curious about groupe sanguin A, especially A Negative. Of course, your curiosity brings you to find more facts about A Negative. To help you to know this blood type, here are some important facts about A Negative for you.

  • It belongs to one of the rare blood types in the world.
  • People with A- only can receive blood from the same people with A- and also O Negative.
  • However, A Negative can be given to people with A Negative, A Positive, AB Positive and AB Negative
  • For the compatibility of plasma, A can get the plasma from A and also AB.
  • As this blood type belongs to negative, it means that this blood type does not have the Rh factor in it.
  • People with A Negative blood type are also popular to be riskier in having diseases.

Those are the important facts that you have to know about A Negative. If you really need more facts related to this blood type, you can get your information about A blood type or Groupe Sanguin A or the other blood type in any encyclopedia or the other sources.

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