Sweety Spatax Frozen Series

Sweety Spatax is one of the contact lenses brand that you can find at Soflensqueen. The brand has many series of their contact lenses. And one of them is called Western Eyes Frozen. These series have five different colors which are Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, and Violet. The diameter of this series is 16.5 which is bigger than the ordinary series. You can get the lens for just 20 USD. It is affordable and you can get the high-quality lens. If you take a look at the photos for this series, you can see that the lens is very vibrant. Even if you have dark colored eyes, the color from is still vivid.

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Let’s talk about the comfort first, shall we? For the Frozen series, Sweety Spartax is still great as ever. Even the diameter is bigger than the ordinary series, the frozen ones are still comfortable to wear for 8 hours. Although in the harsh condition you need to put teardrop so the lens wouldn’t get dried. Move on to the color, Softlensqueen is selling the lens which great color as you can see from this series. And it is true. You will be amazed and surprised by how the colors are so vivid on the eyes, dark colored eyes especially.

If we compared with other brands that claim solid color, this series is more solid than those brands. This series is able to show the solid color the way they claim it to be. They claim as a solid color, so the appearance is the real solid color. As someone who has dark colored eyes, the pigmentation of the lens is so great and it can cover your original color. If this is what you want, then you need to grab this pair of lens. There are no fading colors in this lens. Sweety Spatax Frozen Series can be bought on Softlensqueen.

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