Stiffness In Muscles After Waking Up

When we just wake up, usually we will feel stiff in the body or maybe we will feel some parts of the muscles in the body or the neck we feel tight and a little pain to move. By doing the stretching after waking and before doing the activity, will make your body readier to perform various activities. Here are tips on stretching moves, try this moves at home after you wake up in the morning.

Stretching Movement That You Can Do

Stretching the neck and shoulders. Stiffness in the neck and shoulders is the most common thing when you wake up. Bend the neck in a sideways direction. The left ear approaches the left shoulder, do not shrug your shoulders, then hold for 30 seconds and do the same movement on the other side. Then proceed by stretching the shoulder by turning it backward and then toward the front. Do the whole sequence for 3 times? Thigh stretching is also important to do. The thigh is one kind of muscles that are often used in everyday activities. So, by stretching on the part before doing the activity can make fresh. Do it by lying down with a straight body and leaning on the left side. Hold your head using your hands and pull your legs toward your buttocks. Then hold the position for some time until the thigh muscles stretch, do on the other side.

Stretching movements on the feet. Usually, this movement is done by standing, but you can also do it by lying down. Lie down in a flat place, lift one leg straight at a 90-degree angle. This pose will help stretch the leg muscles. Move your ankle in every direction with caution as you lift your legs. Perform this movement on both legs. By doing it regularly in the morning can make the body become refreshed again.

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