Some Facts About Carrageenan

Carrageenan is one of the essential parts of the modern industry. Especially for the food products, there are so many factories which are using the carrageenan for their production. Indeed, producing the product using carrageenan will not cause any degradation of its quality. Besides, you will still get the best from the carrageenan and make it as your best part of the production. Indeed, the carrageenan is helpful for everyone who is looking for more effective and efficient substance use in the product. The carrageenan manufacturers are available in many cities, providing the premium quality of carrageenan for you.

Getting To Know Carrageenan Better

When you want to use carrageenan for your business, you have to also know the product and also its origin. So, here are some facts about carrageenan for you:

  1. Carrageenan is extracted from red algae in scientific name of Kappaphycus alvarezii, which is usually found in shallow water in the ocean,
  2. This kind of algae will produce kappa carrageenan, the softest carrageenan texture among others. Usually, there is also lambda carrageenan which is not as softer as kappa carrageenan but also used for many industries.
  3. The algae are not rich in nutrients that can be consumed by human body, so the main function of this algae is to get thicken and stabilize the solution,
  4. Carrageenan is usually sold in powder form by carrageenan manufacturers for easy usage. The powder is not only useful for the food industry but also for the cosmetic factories for their lotion products.

The carrageenan is famous among the business owners because it is helpful in reducing the production cost without degrading the quality of their products. In this case, the carrageenan will be a perfect thing for your product because it will keep the solution inconsistent form. To get more info about carrageenan you can visit

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