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Rooting Steps In Asus Zenfone Blog

Asus Zenfone BlogThe rooted smartphone has become a blowing trend nowadays as many people want to get through the limit to use their smartphone. Of course, it is unique that many people called rooting as breaking the limit. In, Asus Zenfone Blog there are actually many things about rooting that you may learn in minutes. Rooting is a breaking way to crack the limit that the smartphone company has made. However, the company actually does not recommend the smartphone users to do that, because the function of the smartphone is no longer standard. In results, there are many cases that smartphone users cannot get its guarantee of their phones because it has been already rooted, so you have to consider it before rooting your smartphone.

Asus Zenfone Blog: Start Rooting Your Smartphones

There are several steps that you should do in rooting your smartphones. First, you have to prepare your personal computer, because Asus is a bit different with other smartphone brands as they can easily get rooted without plugging to a computer. Thus, we highly recommend you to use a personal computer that is clean from viruses. After that, you need to install a sort of driver to connect your Asus Zenfone to the computer. For example, you could use Intel USB driver, Asus USB driver. Then, you may download the other equipment such as SuperSU, ADB Fastboost, and the CMW. After that, you could install the driver on your computer, and you need to try to plug your phone afterward. If it is connected, the driver works.

After that, you have to get the SuperSU on your phone SD card and activate the USB debug in the setting. The following steps are deactivating your smartphone, and getting your phone into the recovery mode by pressing the volume up and power button. Then, you have to connect it to your PC, and open CMD. After that, you have to install the equipment through command prompt. The last Asus Zenfone Blog tip is restarting your phone afterward. If your phone is successfully rooted, the SuperSU will be shown in the menu.

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