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Resting, A Key To Healthy Body

Health lifeWho doesn’t want a healthy body? Of course, everyone wants a fit and healthy body. But maintaining a healthy body isn’t easy. There are many things you need to avoid, the heavy exercise you need to do and manage your time on works and resting. Diets and exercise are important to keep your health, but resting is also important. It seems as simple and easy things to do, but actually, it’s pretty hard to arrange enough resting time between tight deadline, and tiring work days, especially if you do overtime and work until night. It’s okay to work overtime, but you need to rest your body after that. Don’t push your body too hard, or it will reach the breaking point and it can harm your body. But why resting is important for our health? How if we don’t get enough sleep?

Resting is important because it will let body enter the resting and rejuvenating status. During this time, many body parts and organ stop working and resting. The human body is just like a machine, besides the fuel and maintenance, the machine needs to rest, if it works too much, the machine will break. Just like the human body, if human body works too much, and doesn’t get any rest, it will break down, or in the human case, fell sick or worse.

But how can we sleep during tight schedule? how can we rest easy during the tight deadline? Nowadays, many people always busy because of works, even during the night they are still working without stop. Although it’s good to work hard on your business, you also need to rest your body. Resting is a part of works too. Get a resting time at least once per 4 hours during work days. You also need to reward your body with 5 minutes’ rest each 30 minute. This way, your body, and minds won’t get stressed easily, and you also always feel fresh on your body.

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