Why People Become Depressed

When your friend, family, or even significant other is in depression, the only thing that you can do is offering them help. You need to be there for them. You shouldn’t judge them. You need to help them to see a mental health professional. You need to ensure them that it is ok to seek help from the professional.

The Reasons Why People Become Depressed

Depression is a very common mental illness that suffered by many people in this world. If someone is in depression, he/she may feel and see negative in every aspect of his/her life. Even they can think about themselves negatively. In some cases, depression is the condition where it is difficult to get out of. If we people become depressed, they will lose interest in all the things that they used to do. They feel like nothing or nobody makes them happy. This feeling will grow each day if they don’t seek for help. They will feel hopelessness and helplessness. They can gain weight, insomnia, self-harm, and the worst is commit suicide. Below are the causes of depression.

  1. In most cases, the cause of depression is more than one reason.
  2. Going through a hard time or bad events can cause us to feel sad or gloomy. But we can sour out our feeling and then everything will become ok again. But, there are sometimes where the sad events or times become more severe and it can lead to depression.
  3. Ongoing circumstances can also lead to depression too. If you have worries, feeling lonely, and doesn’t have close friends, you can feel depressed.
  4. Your personality can cause depression too. Some people are more vulnerable to depression

If you feel depressed, it’s better to talk to the right people. It can be your lover, it can be your family, or it can even be a psychiatrist.

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