Pca Stroke

Pca Stroke Syndromes

Pca StrokePCA stroke as known as Posterior Cerebral Artery stroke is considered as less common stroke compared with the one involves the anterior circulation. Generally, this problem happens when the blood supply from PCA is constrained which then leads to the lessening function of the brain which is supplied by the vessel. Depending on the location where it occurs, the symptom and sign of the syndrome can be different. In order to learn more about this problem and its complication opportunity, you should read this following information.

PCA Stroke Syndromes And Complications

To begin with, it must be good to talk about the sign and symptom of this syndrome. As mentioned before, the sign and symptom of this problem come differently based on the location. When it is in the peripheral territory lesion, there are several signs including contralateral homonymous hemianopia. When it comes to PCA stroke syndrome, another sign of this syndrome is visual agnosia, cortical sightlessness, topography confusion, and prosopagnosia. Moreover, it is also possible for those who are developing this syndrome to experience dyslexia and anomic aphasia. Furthermore, it is also possible for the patient to develop memory problem when developing this stroke syndrome.

Moreover, when it comes to the central territory lesions, there are some different symptoms including thalamic pain, tremor, and contralateral hemiplegia. Then, it is also possible for the patient to develop Weber’s syndrome as they develop the stroke. Now, how about the complications? When having this syndrome, the patient can also experience skin breakdown, pulmonary infections, and epilepsy. They can even experience various types of depression because of this syndrome. In some cases, the patient can also feel such constant pain. Now, you have learned some general points about this stroke syndrome. That is all a little about the problem of PCA stroke syndrome and complication.

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