Nuts-Free Foods Are Still Delicious


Allergic to a certain food is kind of disaster. It seems fine at first since you can control it. However, it becomes a big deal when you eating out. You have to be more careful in choosing the menu. Moreover, it will be little difficult when you did not know what on the foods that will be eaten. Some people with food allergic might ever find this situation. Nut allergic is one of the common food allergies. People with this kind of allergic cannot take too many nuts. However, there are a lot of delicious foods which go with nuts. Don’t be sad, you still can get a delicious food even you cannot take nut-foods.

A Simple Guideline For You Who Have Nuts Allergic

It seems difficult when you have this kind of allergic. However, you can control what you eat. You can try to list your menu every day so you must be avoided from nuts. Here is the best guideline for you:

  • Breakfast Menu

Actually, there are a lot of types of a breakfast menu that can be taken. For the first recommendation, you can try grab avocado toast with an egg. It is 100% nut free which is safe for you. Second, you can also get oatmeal which is mixed with chia seeds, hemp seeds, banana, or any kind of fruits that you want.


  • Lunch Menu

Some people have a thought that lunchtime is the most important time besides breakfast. You have to take enough supplies at this time. For the best recommendation, you can grab turkey wrap or a fatty salad.


  • Dinner Menu

Don’t ever skip your dinner time even you are on diet. You have to get enough supplies. For dinner time, you can grab any kind of foods such as vegetable burger, salmon, sheet-a suppers, or leftover from your lunch menu.

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