nokia 8 android phone

Nokia 8 Android Phone Release Date

nokia 8 android phoneAre you waiting for the Nokia 8 Android phone to come out to your nearby phone shop? Well, for those who have been used to Nokia from the beginning, they may be curious about how it turns. As the first smartphone to come out with this operating system from Nokia, there must be many of smartphone enthusiasts who are eager to wait for the phone to release. So, when is it going to be released? And, how is the specification and review of this new smartphone?

Nokia 8 Android Phone Release Date and Review

For the first question you may have ever had from the beginning of the rumor of this phone release, it seems like the phone is going to out soon. It is confirmed that Nokia 8 which is going to come with the Android operating system will be scheduled to publicize on 13 September. It must be good for Nokia 8 Android phone come out soon since there have been many people curious about how good it will be. Even though it has been released yet, there have been many rumors about the specification of the phone that you need to know as well. You can check it as follow.

When it comes to specification, we should not forget about the camera ability that is offered by the phone. We cannot deny that camera becomes a great way to make people aware to a new smartphone right now because of the culture of taking a photo with a smartphone that is still happening right now. It is said that the phone will come with 24 megapixel and 12-megapixel sensor camera. It is claimed to provide such high-quality photo for you. Moreover, it is also equipped with great processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. That’s all a little about Nokia 8 Android phone release date and review.

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