Torres del Paine National Park

Needle Cleopatra Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National ParkTorres del Paine National Park is very typical with the word “needle Cleopatra”. Why are the Paine mountains in the park so famous for the sentence? Lady Florence Dixie writes in her book about this garden and describes the peak of this Paine mountain as a Cleopatra needle, and is the first book to discuss the beauty of this nature. This book explains that the Lady and her entourage are the earliest tourists to visit this park, and they make expeditions related to the widespread natural beauty there. Starting from the lake with its blue water, glaciers and rivers with clear water are illustrated in the book. Paine massif is a leading destination that attracts many citizens of the world. Paine massif has three high peaks, the highest peak called Cerro Paine Grande with a height of 2,884 m, center of Paine has a height of 2.460m, and the southern Paine height of 2,500. Underneath there are still many small peaks that adorn the mountains in this beautiful garden.

A Great Time To Visit Torres Del Paine National Park

There is some recommended time for visitors if they want to travel to Torres del Paine National Park. One of which is a tour in September or April. Many people choose to visit this month because at that time the weather is very supportive. There is no extreme weather so it is very helpful for visitors to get the perfect natural beauty. Besides, for climbers is also good, they will not be too difficult with tracks available to climbers.When we visit Torres del Paine National Park, also must pay attention to some provisions that the current obeyed. As for climbers, can camp in places that are already provided. In addition, after the burning incidents that destroy the park there, it is not allowed to burn anything while climbing and has been made into an official regulation and must be obeyed by every visitor there to safeguard the safety and biodiversity of the park and its ecosystem undisturbed

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