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Natural Way To Clean The Dandruff

Health tipsDandruff always becomes something that makes you don’t confident with your performance, especially when you should attend the event that you should use the clothes that have the dark color. When you not careful, you can take the interest of much people with dandruff on your hair. So, what is the damage when you don’t keep away your head from this dandruff? What can you do to prevent the growth of this dandruff in your hair? This article will tell you more about that.

Make Your Dandruff Go Away

There are many kinds of the damage that can attack your hair directly, like the lice, dandruff, hair fall, and other diseases that can damage your hair. This article will tell you more about dangerous dandruff and the way that you can do to prevent and make your dandruff go away. The first, you can use the Mengkudu to solve dandruff off your hair. After that, you also can apply the vinegar to clean the residue in your hair and make your hair free from dandruff. You also can use the lemon water; this lemon water can help you to decrease the itchy on your head and solve your hair with its dandruff. You also can choose the turmeric and apply this spice on your hair to prevent and avoid dandruff grow too much in your head. But, what is negative damage of dandruff for your head and hair?

The first damage, when you don’t treat dandruff correctly this dandruff can risk your head skin and damage the natural element of your head skin. After that, you also will feel itchy when you don’t do the treatment that can help you to make this dandruff go away from your head. Not only to your hair or your head, this dandruff also can cause some problem with your health when you still don’t care about this dandruff more. Thank you

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