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NAS Unit Reviews of Buffalo TeraStation

NAS UnitDo you know well about NAS Unit reviews? It is the reviews of many NAS products in the NAS website that is linked to directly. From various products having been offered, the device for small business is one of the devices that can be found here. Talking more about devices for your business, Buffalo TeraStation 3400 becomes a good choice. Here it can be very nice before you use the product, knowing well about some information relating to it will be a good idea. Thus, here is the explanation that can be read.

Buffalo TeraStation 3400 in NAS Unit Reviews

Talking more about this Buffalo TeraStation 3400 in NAS Unit reviews, you will know about the processor. Using ARM processor with Dual-core 1.33 GHz, indeed the performance is better, faster and smoother. Unfortunately, about the speed of data transfer and the speed process of TeraStation 3400 are slower compared to other products. Then Buffalo adds a unique technology that will boost your data transfer. In another word, you are able to solve this problem although it can be done between NSS devices of Buffalo only.

Moreover, another thing which must be known is about simultaneous NAS and also iSCSI target functionality. The features here can integrate the TeraStation 3400. It means that you are able to create a virtual storage easily. In this case, it can save money in running your small business using this NAS product. Then with NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition, it comes to be the best device for your small business. Indeed, if you choose this device, running a small business is not a difficult thing anymore. For those who want to know other devices, read the information in NAS Unit reviews website.

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