Medieval Guest Room Ideas

For someone who loves classic and historical vibes in their home, why you don’t put medieval home design ideas in your guest room? As we know that guest room is the very first place that your guest encounter first. Guest room can reflect the true personality of the owner of the house. Speaking of Medieval, it is an era during the 15th century in Europe. You can add medieval furniture in your guest room. The rustic touch that will give intricate yet minimalist at the same time.

Medieval Home Design Ideas

  1. Lighting fixtures

Every room will need lighting, right? If you want to put a table lamp in your guest room, then it’s not a medieval thing. No royals and knight who use table lamps in their home. Instead, you need lighting fixtures in your guest room. You can go to the nearest vintage shop and try to look for vintage wall lighting fixtures or maybe candle holders. The lighting fixtures that match with intricate vibes are those that have mythical creatures as their decoration. Those creatures as medieval home design ideas are great since they can give a spooky yet pretty atmosphere which can create castle vibes in your guest room.

  1. Metal chandelier

The crystal chandelier is not going to be in your medieval guest room. You need to opt for the metal chandelier. This type of chandelier will create the whole medieval atmosphere in your guest room. You can find the chandelier at a vintage shop. Choose the one that made of iron or brass. However, a chandelier can be tricky. If you have the small guest room you need to think wisely before buying it.

  1. Dark color curtain

Medieval is related with Victorians. And they often use sheer a dark shade of heavy fabric for the curtain. The colors that match with medieval home design ideas are black, gold, maroon, deep blue, and dark purple for the curtain in your guest room.

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