Listen To Your Doctor Or Follow Your Rules?

There are many people who do not believe in doctor rules of health. Most people who sick do not see a doctor right away after the first symptom. They still find the other way to heal their body without using the advice of a doctor or even consume the medicine. Ok, I am not blaming you for that condition. You can be so afraid of a doctor because of many reasons.

Which One: Doctor’s Prescription Or Yours?

If you know many things about health; the herbs and natural medicine are better than the chemical medicines that are mostly used by doctors. Maybe it is one of the reasons. People just do not like to so depend on chemical things. So, the other reasons maybe you do not trust the doctor that much. You know, the doctor is human too. However, you know they have skills you do not have. Then, what you should do?

  1. You should still follow the rules of a doctor but you may still use your rules to not eat too much chemical medicine.
  2. Try to always check your health to the hospital and see your condition to know the further thing you can do to your body.
  3. You should ask to doctor the right way to be healthy without using any chemical medicine at all. The doctor surely will tell you the ways in a consultation session. So, do not worry.
  4. If you afraid of a doctor because they have made a mistake before; you should make sure to find the better doctor. As I said before, the doctor is still human.

If you think the doctor is the expert on health; you should not trust anybody else to take care your health. Even though you want the more affordable price if the person is not a doctor; you should not use the services. There are many illegal health services now such as people who do the job of the dentist. So, you should be careful now.

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