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Is Your Heart Healthy?

Health careYou know the heart is your center body that gives life after the brain. As you can see that men look more carefully in their heart health than women. In some research, women do not really care about checking up their heart. Most of the women only accompany their husband to check up but do not have any clue about their own condition. It is sad. Well, you should know that nowadays heart is also important for women. Let see the explanation below.

The Woman, Is Your Heart Healthy?

If you do care your husband, you should care for yourself as well. In the present days; the heart disease risk not only attack the man but also women because of many things such as junk food, the stress level and also your habit of smoking. You cannot deny that many women do smoking and touching cigarette right now. So, check up your heart health right now. There are several symptoms to know the heart disease in women. If you feel chest pain; it can be the symptom of heart attack. Then, you may feel the short breath and pain in your lower chest and your upper abdomen. You will feel the dizzy and fainting feeling. The last you will feel extreme fatigue or upper back pressure.

So, you know now heart disease is not a high-risk disease for men only. You should take care your heart and check your health too while accompanying your husband. Women is a loving and caring and they have all the hearts. However, you should be more careful to your own body. Therefore, you can share all your love and care if you do care and love to yourself first. Well, that is all the information and explanation about how important to take care your health especially your heart. Share this with your loving person if your life.

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