Improved Quality Of Shrimp In Indonesia

The quality of shrimp available in Indonesia depends on the quality of water ponds, Indonesia Shrimp Exporters more demand because the quality of the shrimp is good. Shrimp farming ponds in Indonesia have always monitored the quality of its water in order to produce shrimp in large quantities which is also good and faster breeding. The criteria in the quality of aquatic ponds are always keeping an eye on the acidity of water, hygiene, salinity or salt content in water, temperature or temperature and also the availability of chemicals or not in water. If there is then the water should always be replaced with a new one or the water is always flowed with new so that the water remains good and quality and can be a place of successful cultivation.

Rules Of Creating Quality Water For Cultivation

From the above explanation, it is known that the quality water should be considered the level of acidity, the recommended pH of water is neutral ph. In Indonesia Shrimp Exporters shrimp used is a type of shrimp Vannamei must have the energy to act, hence require an amount of oxygen in the water about 4-7,5 ppm. So also with the salinity process to know the amount of salt dissolved in the water about 15-22 pt. If the excess or deficiency, then causes the shrimp cannot multiply quickly so that the product is reduced.

Indonesia Shrimp Exporters is a supplier who in the cultivation of shrimp follow the rules of water quality is good for shrimp. The water used must be clean and clear so that the shrimp can live. So also with the temperature given to the water. If in a pond the recommended temperature is 25-310 Celsius, this temperature is also very instrumental in the denaturing process of microorganisms that can interfere with shrimp and fish life.

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