Home Remedies To Clean Wood Furniture

Have you ever thought that furniture cleaner is not only the one that is able to clean your wooden furniture? Well, if you have that kind of boatwood furniture or other furniture made of wood, it is actually not impossible for you to use home remedies instead of your manufactured furniture cleaner. Now the question is what kind of home remedies that we can use?

First: Vinegar And Water

In the first place, we have vinegar and water as an option for furniture cleaner. To use it as natural furniture cleaner, you can simply mix three tablespoons of white vinegar with a cup of water. Then, you can use it to clean up your furniture before you polish and restore it.

Second: Beer

Maybe you get it surprising that we mention beer here. Well, it is actually possible for you to polish your wooden furniture like your boatwood furniture by using beer. You just need to dip clean, soft cloth into beer and then squeeze it to make sure that it is not really soaked. After that, use it to rub the surface of your furniture. Voila, your furniture is now shiny and bright.

Third: Black Tea

Another home remedy that you can count on to clean wooden furniture is black tea. It has been known that tea has that beneficial compound that is able to make your furniture turns out beautiful like it is used to be. You just need to boil a black tea bad in water then use it to wipe your furniture when it is already cool.

Well, those are very easy to find, aren’t they? Now, if you are running out of furniture cleaner, you can just select one of those home remedies that you can use as a natural wood cleaner. As a result, your boatwood furniture will be as great as it is used to be.

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