High Risk of Passive Smoker

Smoking cigarette may seem cool, and addicting activity to do. Smoking can cause addiction to every smoker, and more the more cigarette you consume, the more addicted you will be, and harder for you to decrease them. Smoking is number one cause of lungs cancer, throat cancer, prostate problems, pregnancy problems, and many more. Not only smoke pose a threat and danger to the smoker body, but all other people around the smoker will also pose a same threat as the active smoker. Active smoker is the person who smokes routinely, and the passive smoker is person who didn’t smoke but get near to active smoker, and forced to breathe the smoke from a cigarette. Actually, the passive smoker poses the bigger threat than the active smoker, and it is more dangerous if the passive smoker is children or a pregnant lady, as it can affect their growth, and baby inside pregnant women. How can passive smoker possess the higher risk than an active smoker?

We Will Explain to You How Passive Smoke Get Higher Risk Than Active Smoker

First of all, the body of the active smoker has developed immunity from smoke and chemicals inside it. The more smoke they consume, the more immunity of their body, and the more smoke they can handle, but this doesn’t mean that their body can hold of much smoke forever. The difference between passive smoker is, the passive smoker didn’t get a chance to develop immunity inside their body, but they are forced to inhale the smoke from a cigarette. Their body then receives any smoke chemicals without any defense system. This is why passive get a higher risk than an active smoker.

In conclusion, you are fine with smoke or not, after all, it is your body, and your choice, but at least smoke away from your loved ones, if you care about them. Smoking can cause bad diseases and complications, and if you want your loved ones to be safe from them, then at least smoke away from them, or for the best sake, just quit smoking or at least decrease it.

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