Herbal Supplement For Breast Milk Production

Baby needs breast milk since it has higher nutrients that other supply. It must be annoying you’re your milk cannot flow easily. Moreover, it must be distressful when you cannot give more breast milk to your baby. However, you do not to be distress more since there are still so many ways to increase breast milk. You can try to manage your daily foods, do some treatments, and also get more supplement. Since you cannot take a random supplement, so you have to make it by yourself to make it safer. You can try to take some herbs which are easy to find to help to increase the production of breast milk.

Garlic And Cinnamon As Supplement For Increasing Breast Milk

It might be little difficult to make some supplements by yourself to increase breast milk. However, it is the safest and most effective way to help you increasing breast milk production. Then, there are some types of herbs that can be taken for your supplement. There are garlic and cinnamon.

For the first, you can try to mix garlic with milk. Just grate around 3 kinds of garlic then boil it in a cup of water. After that, add milk to the boiled garlic. Just wait until all of them get boiled together. Let it sit for a while, then add about 1½ teaspoon of honey. Mix it well, then drink it once in each day. You can take it in the morning. In fact, garlic is a great stimulation and will make the milk flavor even greater.

For the second, you can also try to mix cinnamon and honey for your herbal supplements. Just mix the cinnamon powder with 1½ teaspoon of honey. You can mix it well with warm milk before going bed. Then, you can also follow other remedies on

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