giant graveyard deck

Giant Graveyard Deck Strategies

giant graveyard deckThe graveyard is an interesting new spell. This spell let us spawn skeleton anywhere to whittle down the opponent tower. The best combo using graveyard is giant graveyard deck. Before trying to push using giant + graveyard combo, make sure you predict enemies respond and troops. At the start of the duel, try to send out little troops like minion + ice spirit to find out their responds and troops. If they are starting their push, try to defend well, using skeleton army and inferno. Try to counter an enemy attack. When you think you have elixir advantages, drop your giant. You can drop your giant behind King tower, to let you change your elixir and put support behind a giant, or drop giants in front of the bridge and then drop graveyard in opponent’s arena tower once your elixir is 10.

How To Play With Giant Graveyard Deck?

Giant graveyard deck is excellent deck and it’s quite popular on the higher rank arena. Some people prefers combine graveyard with freeze spells. It’s a great combo, but timing is needed for the best effect of freeze graveyard. Enemies can still counter you and you can lose many elixir trades, which put you in elixir disadvantages. The giant graveyard is a safer bet since to counter them, require a lot of elixirs. Try to put giant behind King tower, to let you put support like musketeer or witch behind a giant, then throw skeletons party using graveyard at enemy tower.

Giants and graveyard offer interesting combos. Giant will soak up damage from the tower, while skeleton from graveyard whittle down the enemy tower. Best cards to counter giant graveyard combo are Minions and inferno tower. If you are attacked by the giant graveyard, drop inferno in the middle to distract giant, try to make sure it distracts giant. Put minion beside your tower to help fend off the graveyard. Inferno will deal with giant, and minion can easily wipe out the skeleton. 10 elixirs for 8 elixirs, worth 2 elixirs trade for defense. Try to experiments by putting spells like freeze, arrow or fireballs or supports like musketeer for giant graveyard deck.

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