Frozen Catfish Supplier In Indonesia

Catfish is becoming more and more popular each time. The catfish’s popularity is because of the food business that provides catfish dishes as their recommended menu and the food business itself grows bigger and bigger everywhere. People love catfish because of its taste and quite affordable. The catfish is also not a seasonal fish, they available throughout the year. That is another reason why catfish is a potential fish to be in the food business. If you run a restaurant which sells catfish menu, you might like to read this article because we are going to talk about the frozen catfish supplier. Keep reading.

Catfish Supplier For The Market Demands

Frozen catfish supplier Indonesia wants to give the best for their client and they will really take care of their products. They follow the best procedural steps to get the best quality. That’s the reason why they do the catfish farming in the freshwater. The beginning of the catfish’s life starts here. The catfish eggs will be placed in a special container to avoid them from the predators. When the sac fry comes out from inside the egg, they will grow until becoming fingerling. The strong fingerling then moved to a larger place to grow bigger until they become catfish and ready harvest. It takes approximately two years for the catfish to reach the desired weight to harvest. The weight has to be at least one until two pounds.

Before the catfish being contributed to the market, the frozen catfish supplier cleans their product that will be used as raw material and then pack them neatly to keep them sanitary. When everything is packed, the next thing is to freeze the products to maintain the fish meat quality. That’s the last step of the catfish. Now they are ready to be sent to the market, restaurant, grocery store, and many more.

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