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Ford Car Reviews, New Ford C-Max

ford car reviewsAre your car lovers, you might already familiar with Ford car brands? This American multinational car company is one of leading car brands in this world and fifth largest car producer. In 2018, Ford is planning to release brand new SUV car, This Ford car reviews will tell you about this brand-new SUV from fords, the specs, performances, exterior, interior, prices and release date. This brand-new SUV car is Ford C-Max, and it is planned to hit the market in late 2018. This car will be economic, efficient and perfect for family and daily vehicle. Well, we will tell you more about the details of this car bellows.

Ford Car Reviews, Brand New Ford C-Max

This will be SUV modeled car, which means it will focus on efficiency, as well as interior. This car comes with a comfortable design, as well as elegant interior. It will offer you a luxurious cabin which can accommodate at least five people in its. The seating is leather, and the dashboard is equipped with LCD screen for entertainment or information purpose, as for the exterior, this car is pretty simple and pretty nice. It doesn’t much improve from the older SUV from Ford, but there are some slight improvements, especially in front grille and bumper. That’s the reviews about interior and exterior, now this Ford car reviews will tell you about specs and performances.

When it comes to specs and performances, this brand-new Ford C-Max isn’t losing against another SUV. This car will have a decent engine, 4-cylinder engine, combined with an electric motor, as well as Atkinson Cycle. The output of this car can reach more than 188 horse power. This car claimed from Ford company can reach 0 to 60 in just one second, which is pretty good for SUV car. If you adore this car and want to buy it, you should prepare at least $25.000 for its. This car will be available in late 2018, so be patient. That’s it about Ford C-Max, Ford car reviews.

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