Eye Problems on Pomsky Dogs

Pomsky dogs maybe have problems on the part of the eye that will cause his difficulty in seeing. This disease is called a very dangerous retinal atrophy that will create problems in the tear ducts and can lead your pomsky dog ​​to experience cataracts. It is possible that the condition of the eyes of the dog in such a way is the proliferation of this disease if you as the owner does not handle the disease immediately. In the worst of circumstances, pomsky dogs can also experience a dangerous state of heart defects. Those are some conditions of the disease that can be experienced by pomsky dogs, but hopefully, it does not happen to your dog. Therefore, I emphasize once again to always keep your pomsky dog ​​from any illness, by giving her a good and correct routine maintenance.

Abnormalities in the Pomsky Dog Body

Pomsky dogs may experience thyroid abnormalities that are synthetic to hormones that usually occur during growth. Here is what you need to look at to see if your dog is in good health or not. First notice whether your dog has a blackened skin disease, having a hair loss syndrome or other problems on his skin. Hair loss usually occurs on most of the pomsky dog’s body, but not all of these conditions can be detected in the body of a pomsky dog, therefore, you should often check up on his health.

Very good and advised to avoid extreme symptoms and diseases that may occur in pomsky dogs and it also aims to avoid a variety of things that are not in want, because it could be a disease found in your dog can be transmitted to you. That’s because you are often with him, playing with him so that the disease from pomsky dogs can infect you, either through the air or your interaction with the pomsky dog. Read the pomsky dog ​​health tips on, hopefully, the disease does not happen to you and your pomsky.

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