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Why Is Exercises Important For Health?

Health careThere are many factors and reason that affecting body health. Exercise is one of the most important factors that affect personal health greatly. What is exercise? Exercise is a kind of activity that intended to put stress and pressure on our body muscle. By putting stress and pressure, our body will feel tired and weary. Although our body will feel tired, our body will be healthier and fresher. Why our body will be healthier when we are doing exercise? Why do we need to exercise? If you wondering for reasons for you to start exercising. Here, we will give you some reasons good enough for you to start exercising from now on.

Why We Need To Exercise Our Body And What We Will Get After Exercise?

The first reason to do exercise is, it is the way to train our body to be better and stronger. By doing exercise, our body will be trained under the pressure. That means, your body will use to strong pressure, and your body will be stronger each time you exercise. In scientific ways, after doing exercise, our muscle will break. Our body had a regenerative system that will make this broken muscle to be better and stronger. So, each time you exercise and break muscle, the body will rebuild your muscle to be better and stronger. This way, by doing exercise we will have strong and healthy muscle in our body, this is the first reason why exercise is important if you want the strong and healthy body.

Next, when we are doing exercise, our body release hormone that improves our moods and clears our mind. That’s why when we are doing exercise, we will feel relaxed, refreshed and put us into good moods. Well, not only hormone factors that make us fresher, but sweating also make our body refreshed. Why sweating? Basically, sweating is body reflects to adjust the heat, release fluids and also dump unwanted materials. By exercising, you will sweat much. By sweating, you will release much toxic and unwanted material. That’s why you will feel refreshed after exercising. Are these two reasons good enough for you to start exercising?

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