Excess Frozen Shrimp Than Ordinary Shrimp

Competition sales between fresh shrimp with frozen shrimp are very tight. Both types of shrimp are commonly consumed in various restaurants and even serve as the main menu that became favorite the consumers. However, there is a difference between frozen shrimp with regular shrimp or fresh shrimp. Frozen shrimp is a type of shrimp that is durable and also has better characteristics than fresh ones. If left in a while only fresh shrimp will be easily damaged composition and if let for too long will cause bacteria easily attached to the shrimp and damage the shrimp. But different from frozen shrimp, this type of shrimp will avoid damage even if stored for a long time because the process of preservation by cooling it more can keep the composition of shrimp to remaining intact and not easily damaged when ignored. But for the processing process, frozen shrimp requires a little warming in order to eliminate the water content due to cooling.

Cheap Frozen Shrimp Price

If we see the market that sells frozen shrimp or fresh shrimp that much. If we compare, people will prefer the type of shrimp that is frozen because the condition will always be fresh even if ignored. Fresh shrimp directly brought from the sea is also good Just a lot of people who think that the shrimp are frozen is fresher. In addition to fresher, shrimp that have been frozen are also offered at a cheaper price. If the shrimp are not frozen, just have two days just to be always fresh. Without cooling, the fish will oxidize and cause a very moist texture plus the smell that can attract the attention of bacteria bullies.

The taste of frozen shrimp is also more delicious, besides the cheaper and affordable price of frozen shrimp, this looks very fresh. Although the time will cook it must eliminate its ice content first but it will not eliminate the fresh taste of shrimp after cooking. The freezing process is just to keep the quality of the shrimp in order to always look fresher as seen in

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