If You Eat Shrimp, Check This!

Do you eat shrimp? Have you known what kind of shrimp that is served on your plate? Well, you may eat Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, but you do not really know that you are eating this shrimp because you do not realize its difference on the plate. At this point, you may want to learn about several varieties of shrimp so that you can mention what you actually eat.

Different Varieties Of Shrimp You Can Eat

  1. White Shrimp

We should not forget about white shrimp when we are talking about shrimp varieties. As one of the shrimps that are widely farmed in the US, you may find this shrimp familiar in various shrimp product.

  1. Spot prawns

If you find shrimps which are served with its heads on, you may find the one that is called spot prawns. It is served in many menus. It has that sweet flavor and buttery texture that is able to blend with any menu.

  1. Tiger shrimp

Indonesia giant tiger shrimp is popular among shrimp lover. When it comes to the tiger shrimp itself, it is surely a nice ingredient that we can easily steam or grill for our daily meal. It is firm and offers mild flavor which you will love.

  1. Pink shrimp

We can say that this shrimp is the one that every people will think when it comes to shrimp. It has that kind of classic flavor of shrimp which you commonly find in your meal.

  1. Rock shrimp

This shrimp is sometimes considered to offer both lobster and shrimp element on its flavor. It is a good one for you to broil or grill.

In conclusion, there are actually a few varieties of shrimps that we can buy in the fish market. In case you must want to try Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, you can simply find an Indonesian supplier which offers you high quality of giant tiger shrimp.

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