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Easy Cooking Recipes For Chicken Curry

easy cooking recipesDo you love to eat chicken? If you love chicken, chicken curry can be a meal that you have to try to make by your own hands. This meal belongs to easy cooking recipes, which means that you still can cook this meal even though you are in hurry. So, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

Easy Cooking Recipes For Chicken Curry In Short Time

When you want to eat chicken curry, but you are in hurry, this recipe will really help you. Yes, chicken curry still can be one of many easy cooking recipes that will be very helpful for you. There are some ingredients that you need to prepare, which are the white rice, small yellow onion, olive oil, plain yogurt, olive oil, black pepper, heavy cream, kosher salt, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, and the last is cilantro leaves. Then, you can cook this meal in some steps.

First, you have to prepare the rice and cook it based on the package direction. Then, the second step is that you have to heat the oil by using the skillet over the over medium-low heat. Add the sliced onion and cook it for about 7 minutes. Then, the third step is that you have to sprinkle the curry powder into the skillet and cook it for 1 minute while stirring it. You also have to add the plain yogurt and the heavy cream into it and cook in about 3 minutes. Do not forget to keep simmer those ingredients in the process. Put the salt, pepper and add tomatoes, if you want to add tomatoes to it. Then, you finish preparing your curry in hurry. To serve it, you can prepare the chicken and also the rice in different bowl or plate. Then, pour the sauce over it and add with cilantro for the garnish. That is all the information for you about easy cooking recipes.

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