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Early Signs That You May Pregnant

pregnancy journal

When did I get pregnant? This is a basic question that everyone asks when they do not know what kind of sign or symptom that may happen when they are pregnant. Actually, it is safe to say that everyone experiences a different kind of sign when it comes to pregnancy. Some of them may experience every sign that is commonly found in pregnant woman, but some others may not really find the same experience. For you who have not known yet, here are some signs of early pregnancy that you need to know.

When Did I Get Pregnant? These Are The Signs

One of the sigs that usually happens in early pregnancy is food aversion. There is a possibility that you will not like the smell of any food that you usually like such as coffee or even bologna sandwich. It is because of the estrogen that increases in the system. If you are asking when did I get pregnant, another sign that is common for early pregnancy is mood swings. It is another one that is very common for a pregnant woman. It is caused by the change of hormone that happens during pregnancy. Some women may find that they become more emotional while some other may feel anxious or depressed.

Moreover, another sign that happens because of the hormonal change is bloating. You may feel bloated in the early pregnancy. It is usually felt like the time when you are going on a period. Then, you may find that you go to the toilet more often because you need to urinate. This is also another sign that happens because of the change of hormone in your body. Afterwards, it is also common for you to feel exhausted and your breasts sore when you hit the first period of pregnancy. So, when did I get pregnant? Now, you know the answer.

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