Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing; Level 2, 3

Dance Mat TypingAre your kids playing Dance Mat Typing and trying to increase your kids’ ability in typing on the keyboard? Well, this game is a game that usually played by children since most of them might still do not know how to type the words or alphabets properly on the keyboard. It means that the game indirectly will lead the kids to learn about the alphabetical positions on the keyboard through the game. So, it will be something that very important to increase your kid’s ability in typing the alphabets through this game. This game consists of four levels and now we are going to learn about the second and the third level of the game. So, pay attention to the explanation.

Playing Level 2 And 3 Of Dance Mat Typing

Actually, each level of this game consists of 3 stages. So, when you want to finish the second level and also the third level of the game, you have to finish the stages first. In the second level, when you try to play the first stage of this level, the instructor will guide you to the t and y as the alphabet mission of this stage. So, you will learn more about those two alphabets in this stage. Then, the second stage of this level will be about the different alphabet, which is w and o. You also have to follow the instruction as well. After that, the following stage of this level in Dance Mat Typing, you will learn to type about q and p.

Then, after finishing those three stages of the second level, it means that you can continue to the next level and the next stages. The next level is the third level and you will continue to learn how to type the punctuation. Similar to the previous stage, you will have three stages at this level and each stage will have different alphabets or punctuation as the mission. When you already finish all of the stages in this third level, it means that you can continue to the next level of Dance Mat Typing.

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