Create Easy Printable Forms By Using Microsoft Word

For opening recruitment, you need some properties to enter the data of applicants. The most important document for recruitment process is applicant form and data entry form. If you prefer online recruitment process, so you need printable job employment forms. This kind of form can be delivered to the applicants or required candidate to fill their data and information. After that, you can ask them to print and bring that form to your company in the next process. So, how to create an easily printable form? You will only need Microsoft Word to create it.

Create Printable Forms Step By Step

Actually, creating printable job employment forms does not need much time. You can make it in 2 minutes based on your need. As the simple one, you can even create it by using Microsoft Word. For the first thing to do, you need to activate the Developer Tab. After opening a new blank document, you need to click File. After that, choose Options and find Customize Ribbon. Then, checklist Developer to show its tab. You will find that there are so many tools that can be used on Developer tab for creating your forms.

After that, you can insert table to add information. You can choose the type of table from the tools. Then, if you can change right side which is “Click or tap here” to be what you want to say on the box by clicking the box then choose Design Mode. You can change the words then save it. Moreover, you can also add Dropdown box. You can let your applicants choose as it served by clicking and dragging down the option. Then, you can find other options which will be needed for printable job employment forms. You can also insert ClipArt or another image to support the credibility of your form.

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