Health care

Claim Your Health Care

Health careYou can come to the health care and can use the facility for the health care because you have the right to get all the health care can do and give it to you. in the health care, people who come to this place, he or she is not only come because there is something wrong with their health but also in the health care you can get the health checkup, get the prescription, or even medicine that makes you become healthy if you use it.

Use The Health Care

If you come to the health care but you cannot allow getting and using the facilities from the health care, you must check again there, because of it maybe there Is something trouble with the checking system. Have you ever you to come to the health care before? If you do, it means that you do not need to register yourself again in the health care. Then, if your name cannot appear in the system because you are not yet to get the care from before, now after the past time you can register your name in the health care so the health care has your name as the member of the health care. If you are sick, now you can come to get the medicine or to do the consultation with the doctor to get the prescription.

If your name cannot be found in the checking system, you can send the claim to the health care. You do this because really need to come and use the health care facilities. You think by coming to the health care, you can change your health status such as you are unhealthy is change become healthy. Just follow the procedure why and the reason you submit the claim. You hope that by the action, now you can go and check yourself in the health care.

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