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Check Printer Drivers, Working Or Not?

printer driversInstalling the printer drivers is actually can be done within at least 10 minutes to finish the steps. But, not everyone knows how to install it and what the first step to begin with. In this article, we are trying to share some piece of information to check whether your printer is working or not after the installation process. Check out the next paragraph!

The Next Step After Installing The Printer Drivers You Need To Know

After getting your printer drivers installation done, the last thing you need to do is to check whether the printer is connected to the computer or not and whether the printer is working properly or not. Here are the steps:

How to check if printer is connected to computer or not

  • Firstly, restart all of your devices including your computer, printer, and the router.
  • When all your devices are active again, go to the printer control panel.
  • Print out the Wireless Network Test report.
  • This action triggers printing process and you will get the result on a printing paper. If it successfully works, it means your HP ENVY 5660 printer is connected properly to the computer. Congratulations!
  • You are ready to start using the HP ENVY 5660 printer to print your documents and files.

How to check if printer is working or not

  • First, press the power button to turn the printer on and don’t forget to connect it to the computer.
  • Load some papers into your HP ENVY 5660 printer.
  • Click Window button and choose the Control Panel.
  • Continue the process by clicking the View Devices and Printers and right click your printer.
  • Find the Select Properties and click it.
  • Click the print test page and it is working, the printer will print the page automatically. Done!

As you can see, the printer drivers installation is far from hard task and the next steps are even easier so you get everything done within 5 minutes. Have fun.

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