one lung

Can You Live With One Lung And Live Well?

one lungCan you live with one lung well because you do not have to come back to the hospital if your condition is not fit? People cannot live with a lung but they still can live with one lung. Therefore, you must live with healthy and do not let yourself come back to your community that if full of smoke and the other bad thing. Although you are stooped to, smoke there is no one that will stop you to come in around the smoker because your lung will become bad if you always breathe the fumes, which is produced not from you.

Can You Live With One Lung And Healthier?

You can get healthy living easily if you follow the instruction to do that. People cannot ask you again such as they want to know, can you live with one lung or not because, in this matter, you move to the place, which is full of fresh air. Your new environment is good because there is more healthy oxygen in your new place rather than carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. By this, your one lung can take fresh air, which is good for respiration process, and it will help you to change your short breath, as a side effect of operation now is easier.

With one lung, you must live well because you do not want to feel again the bad moment when your lung must be removed because your condition stills it after the operation. The more you make yourself tired and is pressured because of your hard thinking, you lung condition will never become well. If you deeply thinking that you cannot live with one lung or you are afraid that your operation is failed, you never can breathe again, as far as what you do now. Can you live with one lung? The answer is you can because you do not get bad after effect you remove one of your lungs.

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