Brush Your Teeth At The Right Time!

Are you smiling today? Surely you are very beautiful with a smile that sometimes your teeth are visible. White and strong teeth are our dream which supports our beauty with a smile. So not infrequently every person often times brushing his teeth. Some brush your teeth when you wake up, after eating, every bath, or before going to bed. Maybe your spirit to brush your teeth many times will improve especially after you saw the advertisement that your toothpaste has the advantage of teeth whitening. But to note, Apparently, there is a time prohibited brushing teeth.

Don’t Often Brush Your Teeth!

Brushing your teeth when you wake up is not a good habit. Usually, you brush your teeth before sleep, then you fall asleep in the condition of clean teeth without any intake of food through the oral cavity. So, you wake up in a clean tooth condition and we suggest you don’t brush your teeth. Overuse of chemicals including toothpaste is not good for dental health. The content of detergent, flavor, triclosan, and fluoride in toothpaste can provide side effects for the body. Among them is to stimulate allergies in the oral cavity and excessive consumption of fluoride can cause fluorosis in tooth enamel and can harm other organs. So you should not brush your teeth too often. Because the right time to brush your teeth is when you finished breakfast to clean your teeth from leftovers.

The habit of brush your teeth before bedtime is a good habit of taking care of dental health that you have to plant in your environment. Brushing your teeth before bedtime aims to clean up the stack of food stacked between your teeth during the day. If you fall asleep in a condition that is not clean teeth due to food scraps, it will arise tartar.

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