Breast Feeding or Not?

As a wife who is going to be a mother, what will you do after giving birth? Do you want to do breastfeeding or not? Well, you know, there are many good things from breastfeeding. You should not be embarrassed by doing it. There are many advantages of breastfeeding both for you and for your baby. Do you need to know more about this breastfeeding?

The Discussion of Breast Feeding Mother

Many mothers choose to do breastfeeding but many mothers do not want to do it as well. Their considerations of not giving breastfeeding mostly because of ego. If you are a mother and you are capable to give milk to your baby, you better give the baby your milk. However, if you have some condition where you cannot get the milk out of your breast, you have right to choose other options. Besides, you have choices to make your breast produce milk in many ways. You can ask doctors the ways. There are many traditional drinks and foods that will help you.

You know, breastfeeding is very useful for you and baby. First is your baby will be filled with the best nutrition she or he needs after coming to this world. You will not get the nutrition in other places for your baby, even the animal’s milk. Then, you will feel your attachment to the baby is stronger when you do the breastfeeding. You will feel you and the baby is one body. Then, there are more good advantages of breastfeeding.

Thus, those are all the discussion how the breastfeeding is very important. You should try to get the milk from you as well as you can. You may ask help to doctor if you have the potential of not get the milk out of you. You should check your health condition well while you are pregnant. That’s it.

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