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Bone Health Tips

Health tipsKeep and maintain the bone health is very important for all of the people, it is because the bone is the part of the body which will prop up the body, in order to can stand, and will make you feel relax to sit down and do every activity. Can you imagine, if one of your bones gets damaged? Surely, it will very offend you. If you know the importance of the bones in your body, it makes you must keep and care the bone well. Caring bone health becomes the necessity. Protect the bone from the damage is very important and it is a necessity. It is because there are so many illnesses that will attack your bones.

The damage of the bone does not just happen to older people, but younger also can get the damage of the bones. So, caring the bone is a must for all of the people. There are some tips to caring your bones well, and you have to know it! The first is you have to avoid the drink that can decrease the calcium substance in your body, such as the soda drink or the drink that contains soda. The second is you have to consume the calcium, vitamin D, you can get it from the supplement of the food and drink such as milk, and vegetables.

The third is you can consume the olive oil. This oil actually is the source of the benefit. Olive oil is also good to caring the heart health. If you consume the olive oil routinely you will make you get the osteocalcin, which is the protein that is made to generate the bone. If you have the high osteocalcin, so, it means that your bone is healthy. The fourth is if you like to consume the onion and garlic, you will maintain the bone. It is because the garlic and onion are good for the bone health.

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