Best Ways To Get A Free Ipad

Do you want to get an iPad for free? Well, it seems like everyone will love to have an iPad for free. Fortunately, there is a way that you will have a chance to get an iPad for free. It is a TelltheBell survey which makes it possible for you to get a chance of free iPad and also $500 in cash. Now, let’s learn further about the offer as follow.

Things To Prepare To Join The Survey

Well, it is not like that you can just join the survey without preparing for anything. There are some things that you have to prepare when you want to join and complete this survey. You can find the things as follow.

  • Recent Taco Bell Receipt

First, you must have a recent receipt you get from buying Taco Bell. You must remember that TelltheBell is a kind of survey for the customer. By buying the product, you will get a receipt that provides the survey code to join the chance of getting iPad or cash.

  • A computer or smartphone with internet access

Then, you need to prepare for a computer and smartphone as well. But, remember that you have to have an internet access as well so that you can open the website for this survey.

How To Complete The Survey Correctly?

Then, what should we do to complete the survey? Here are the steps by steps to complete the survey correctly.

  1. Go to the official site of the survey. Make sure that you type the correct address for the website.
  2. Enter the invitation code which you can get from your purchase receipt.
  3. Input the detail information provided on the survey page. The information will be about your visit to Taco Bell.
  4. Complete the survey of Tellthebell and wait for your chance to get the prize.

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