Bali Rafting: Waja River Adventure

Rafting has become an attraction and famous among the tourists from other countries in Bali and they always want to try it again to feel the sensation. One of the suitable rivers for Bali rafting activity is Waja River in Karangasem. Besides Waja River, rafting activity in Bali can also be done in Ayung River in Ubud. Waja River is more preferred by foreign tourists for there are more challenging rapids, unspoiled natural scenery and the river is located in village areas. Before choosing tourism activities, tourists should first look at the situation and condition of each selected activity.

Things To Prepare Before You Enjoy Bali Rafting

If you want to do Bali rafting in Telaga Waja, you should make sure you are in a healthy condition. If you impose rafting activity with decreased stamina and health, it will make the rafting activity to become unpleasant. Then, use clothes that do not easily absorb water. Avoid using clothes from cotton, because the cotton is very easy to absorb water. If during rafting you use clothes that easily absorb water, then you will experience a decrease in body temperature. The decrease in body temperature will very quickly drain the stamina during rafting. Later, choose a trusted instructor service which provides professionals to guide you.

Waja River is located in Karangasem, Bali precisely on Muncan village. This river has more challenging currents and rapids than other rivers in Ubud. This river also has a level of difficulty at level II-IV which is suitable for tourists who want a higher challenge. To reach the location, tourists can take about 1, 5 hours from Kuta and the surrounding areas. Waja River is quite far away from the urban areas with beautiful nature which is always in the guard of nature by the local community. Therefore, this place is really great to enjoy Bali rafting.

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