android nougat

Android Nougat Upgrade Features

android nougatHere it is a new gadget that will make you easy in doing activities. Yes, it is Smartphone. Who does not know this gadget? It seems there are many people or even almost all people have it and at least several of them are familiar to access this gadget. This Smartphone will be able to use if it has operation system. You can use android as the option. This android has many versions, and the latest is called nougat, so here is the information about android nougat upgrade that you need to pay attention too. There will be several changes and a new feature in this operation system.

New Features From Android Nougat Upgrade

Well in this nougat, the latest version of android you will find a feature called suggested settings. You might not have known about this, so here is the explanation. This feature will be in android nougat upgrade and you need to know that the function of this feature is that you can open the settings application so that it will be seen several settings that will be a recommendation you need to set.  That is one of many features that you can get, but here you will know not only that. You can see this one too.

This feature must be exciting for those of you who like to do chat or even messenger. Here if you use android nougat then you will have some new emoticons. Now you can choose any emoticon that you want to use. Even now the smiley faces look like a human not only an android robot. Well, that’s all for the new feature that you can get from android nougat upgrade. You can upgrade the operating system you have in the android of that you can enjoy the new feature offered. You must be excited with the new one because it is better than the previous one.

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