Activities In Bali Night Safari

Do you have any experience with Bali night safari package? From the name of the package, you might already know that this package will bring you to Bali Safari Park in the night. Besides that, you also will meet the animals there. You will experience a very great and distinctive experience by exploring the Safari Park in the night. For more information, please read the following paragraphs.

Bali Night Safari Package And The List Of Activities

In your Bali Night Safari Package, there is the list of the activities that you will enjoy there. Once you do the park entrance, you can get several services that belong to the part of your tour package. Actually, the schedule depends on the package that you choose. However, if you want to know about the highlight, you will experience the following activities in your night safari in Bali Park. First, once you come and enter the park, you will get some drink as the welcoming service from the park. Then, after that, you have to be ready for the following schedule, which is the night safari journey.

In your night safari journey, you will be carried with the car and enjoying the night atmosphere in the park. You will go to the park. You also can experience your dinner in Nkuchiro, as one of the services that you can get. Then, you will get some entertainment shows and also visit the encounter of the animals there. For those activities that you can get from the package, you will get your own price. For the adult’s visitors, which are those who above 12 years old, the price is about IDR 1,000,000. Meanwhile, for children, between 3-12 years old, the price of the ticket is about IDR 800,000. For the infant under 3 years old, the ticket is free. For more information about it, please visit

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